Why should you care about Further From the Sky?

Well that’s entirely up to you, but let us tell you why we think you should pay attention;

The 4 members who make up the band have spent their years wisely. They have been paying their dues by endlessly touring and playing every shoebox sized venue the country has to offer. They have taken the odd sojourn around Europe and recorded albums in London and California. They have had radio play, singles of the week, magazine reviews and toured with the great and good from the international and underground rock scenes.

They wont bore you with namedropping (unless you ask them). Instead they have taken their influences (rock, thrash, grunge, hardcore and yes, even 80s hair rock) and combined them in a blender to deliver a set of songs that, on the surface shouldn’t work, but make no mistake THEY MOST CERTAINLY DO WORK!

FFtS combine their years of experience with frustration of the world around them and a heart-on-the-sleeve honest reflection of their lives, to craft a pummelling barrage of rock songs. Its taken each of them a life time of work to finally find each other and form a band you need to pay attention to.

Angry, defiant, melodic and uncompromising…

Further From The Sky have arrived.